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NQ Antivirus Free gives you the latest Android mobile protection Antivirus Free’s features offer a complete mobile security package. Real-time antivirus protection keeps you safe from the latest mobile threats and viruses by cross-referencing new apps that are installed on your mobile device with our up-to-date database of known malicious apps. Why do you need mobile protection? Some mobile downloads can: 1. Compromise your security by accessing the account log-in info of your social media or email accounts 2. Send SMS from your mobile that cost you money 3. Track your mobile activity and relay it to a remote server Maintain battery life Antivirus Free’s battery friendly system will give you comprehensive mobile protection while using less of your battery than other mobile security apps. Complete Mobile Protection Compatible with all the most popular mobile devices, Antivirus Free is an essential app if you are serious about mobile protection. Ensure that only trustworthy apps are installed on your Android and keep your private data safe while doing so. Simple yet effective, Antivirus Free is easier, faster and lighter on your battery than anything else! Still unsure how it works? Download the Test Virus application to see how Antivirus Free maintains your security when a malicious app is downloaded.

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